3. The measure of prevention of corona virus


The measure of prevention of corona virus

IMU HOTEL KYOTO has two strong measures: sanitation and avoiding the 3 Cs. We will make more efforts to improve our service. For the sanitation, we are promoting careful cleaning to disinfect in the facility. And also, we check all staff members and guests’ health condition. For avoiding 3 Cs, we make efforts as much as we can to avoid 3Cs.

The specific way of prevention against corona virus


Several cases of corona virus has reported in Japan. For guests’ health, our measure of prevention is as below.

Temperature check when you check in and the confirmation of a record of traveling overseas

We ask for all guests to take the temperature, and confirm a record of traveling overseas. If the body temperature is 37.5 degree or more, there is a possibility that we decline your staying.

Set a panel for preventing of droplet infection at the front desk

Put hand sanitizer in all guest rooms

We clean the rooms carefully using the alcohol spray to disinfect.

In the guest rooms, especially the place people touch a lot (doorknobs, handles of drawers and refrigerators, the remote control and switches), we disinfect with the alcohol spray.

We offer guests to disinfect with the alcohol spray when the guests use the restaurant.

Using a dishwashing machine with high temperature(80 degrees or more) and disinfecting trays with alcohol spray

All the staff members wear masks while working.

Checking the staff’s health and sanitation(taking the body temperature)

Avoiding 3 Cs

For all the guests staying comfortable, our first priority is 3 Cs. Further information is as below.

We restrict the number of people when it crowded in the hotel.

There is a possibility to restrict the number of people when you check out.

Getting the fresh air constantly and keeping the certain distance between chairs for social distancing

We make efforts as much as we can to make guests feel comfortable when you stay.



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