Overall stay

Q:What is check-in / check-out time?
A:Check-in time is 4:00pm. Guests are required to check-out by 10am.
Q:Until when can I check in? Do we have curfew?
A:IMU HOTEL front desk is open 24 hours. We have no curfew and you may exit and enter the building at any time. We would, however, appreciate if you check in by 11pm because our neighborhood is a residential area where local people live.
Q:Do you provide any meal?
A:Yes. Cafe & Bar, located at the 1st floor, serves breakfast and dinner.
Q:How can I get to IMU Hotel Kyoto?
A:Go to “ACCESS” page on this site.
We show the access to IMU Hotel from: Itami Airport, Kansai International Airport, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
Q:Do you offer child rates?
A:Yes. Children from 0-5 years, who don't need 寝具 and meal, stay free. When a child require a bed, you're charged the same fee of an adult.
Q:What is your cancellation policy?
A:Cancellations are made at no charge up until a week prior to the day of arrival.
We’ll charge you:
with no-contact/ no-show - 100% of room fee
at the day of arrival - 80%
1 day before the day of arrival - 50%
3-7 days prior to the day of arrival - 20%

Equipment · Fixtures

Q:Please tell me room amenities.
A:We offer toothbrush, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, face towel, bath towel, and hair dryer. TV is installed at most rooms. We don’t provide sleepwear.
Q:Is there a shower / WC in the room?
A:All rooms have toilets and shower rooms.
Q:How is the internet capabilities?
A:We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the building.
Q:Is there a smoke-free space?
A:Smoking is prohibited in guestrooms. Smoking room is located on the first floor.
Q:Do you have a parking lot?
A:No. IMU Hotel does not have our own parking lot. There are paid parking spaces in the neighborhood. They’re not discount parking partner.
Q:Do you offer humidifier?
A:We provide humidifier at the front desk if necessary.

About services

Q:Can you keep baggage before check-in / check-out?
A:Yes. You can keep your luggage at the storage room, next to the front desk on the first floor, both before check-in and after check-out. Please ask our receptionists.
Q:Do you have delivery service? I want to send my baggage/ package during my stay. I also want to send my luggage to the hotel in advance.
A:You can send your package by only cash on delivery within Japan. We hold your luggage at the front desk before arrival. Make sure you write your name and your scheduled check-in day. Without those information, we couldn’t keep the luggage.
Q:Do you have laundry facilities?
A:We have washing machine and dryer on the R floor. (You will be charged to use.)
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