We have BEST RATE on lower price for IMU HOTEL KYOTO reservation when you book from this official site.
If you found out the other sites offered more cheaper price (same content and condition of your reservation) than us after you booked through the official site,please contact the hotel directly. After confirmation, we will hold on to our policy (BEST RATE for cheap price) and will offer you the same low price as the other sites.

Conditions for economic price

In order to provide BEST RATE for lower price, the following conditions must be fulfilled

  • Same service content/privelege content (such as meals, amenities content etc)
  • Same date of reservation booked
  • Same reservation date
  • Same number of guests
  • Same number of guests
  • Same period of stay (Check-in date, check-out date)
  • Same payment option
  • Same cancellation condition

※However, the prices might be the same as other sites.

BEST RATE comparison are excluded.

BEST RATE comparison are excluded in the following conditions

  • Reservations that can only be made by phone call, unable to book through websites etc
  • Products that are pre-payment method such as special payment method (including net auction/joint purchase etc), credit card, debit card, voucher, coupon etc. Other uses that are not for staying such as use of facility, transportation use, meals etc voucher products
  • Products of trip that are published in travel agencies flyers, pamphlets, websites. (Products that cannot be involve with hotel in terms of selling price.)
  • Products that are involve with exchange rate.
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